Arizona & Utah Photo Tours

The Wave

$299/Person - 8 Hours

White Pocket Sunset

$299/Person - 8 Hours

White Pocket Overnight

$648/Person - Includes Outfitted Camping & Night Photography

Alstrom Point Sunset

$299/Person - 8 Hours

Alstrom Point Overnight

$648/Person - Includes Outfitted Camping & Night Photography

Toroweap Sunset

$299/Person - 8 Hours

Toroweap Overnight

$648/Person - Includes Outfitted Camping & Night Photography

Slot Canyon - Half Day

$149/Person - 4 Hours

Slot Canyon - Full Day

$299/Person - 8 Hours

Zion - Sunrise or Sunset

$299/Person - 8 Hours

Bryce Canyon Sunrise

$299/Person - 8 Hours

Coyote Buttes South Sunset

$299/Person - 8 Hours

Ultimate Grand Staircase

$325/Person - 2 Day Minimum

Night Photography

$399/Person - 8 Hours

Palouse Photo Tour

$449/Person - 2 Days!

Multi-Day Workshops

3-7 Day Photo Adventures!

Custom Tours

Starting at $299/Person per Day

Loyalty Program

Save 10% on Tours and Workshops!


Starting at $99

Eastern Sierras Photo Workshop Mobile

Eastern Sierras
December 7-13, 2022

Death Valley Photo Workshop Mobile

Death Valley
December 14-18, 2022

Palouse Spring Mobile Photo - Action Photo Tours & Workshops

Spring in the Palouse
For Women Photographers
May 24-27, 2023

South Dakota Badlands Mobile Banner

South Dakota Badlands
June 15-20, 2023

Tenerife Astrophotography Mobile Banner

Tenerife Astrophotography
June 19-25, 2023

Incredible Indonesia Mobile Banner

Incredible Indonesia
July 4-12, 2023

Alaska Brown Bears Mobile Banner

Alaska Brown Bears
July 24-28, 2023

Palouse Harvest Mobile Banner

Palouse Harvest
July 29-Aug 1, 2023

Mount Rainier Banner Mobile

Mt Rainier Wildflowers
Aug 7-11, 2023

White Pocket Tours

White Pocket Monsoon
Aug 9-12, 2023

Arctic Landscapes & Wildlife
Aug 29 - Sept 4, 2023

Our Utah Photo Tours are the perfect way to improve your skills and learn new techniques! When you travel, time is limited and you want to make the most of your experience. It can take days of scouting and research to find the best spots. That's where Action Photo Tours comes in. We'll take you off the beaten path and help you get the best photos. It's always an adventure with us and we craft each outing to meet the unique needs of the visiting photographer. It doesn't matter whether it's a one-day trip or a multi-day expedition, Action Photo Tours is your best choice for Utah Photo Tours!