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2021 Action Photog Finalists

2021 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations Dennis Yee!!
  • Eye-catching composition with a definite wow factor. The rocks on the left side create a strong diagonal line that leads the viewer’s eye right to the prominent feature. The image is well balanced by the sky and the rocks on the right side.
  • Well-controlled post-processing that retains the soft texture of the clouds and gives it a longer exposure look.
  • Gorgeous utilization of the post-sunset glow to give the badland features depth and luminous quality. This is one of those images you want to sit and ponder for a while.

Second Place - Eva Dorman

Eva Dorman
  • Dreamy, atmospheric mood that invokes a sense of mystery.
  • Great sense of depth by using shallow depth of field-the closest tree is sharp while the trees further back are soft. This enhances the perceived depth of the image.
  • Clean and eye-catching composition without distracting details in the water and around the edges of the image.

Third Place - Rajiv Bhambri

Rajiv Bhambri
  • Great use of light and shadow contrast to allow the eye to carefully move through the scene.
  • The image naturally divides into horizontal thirds. The bottom third has the deepest shadows, the middle third has the best accent light, and the upper third adds a sense of mystery as it fades to pure white. It leaves the viewer wondering what is beyond the horizon.
  • Subtle post-processing creates an artistic and soft mood. It feels less like a photo and more like a piece of fine art.

2021 Rock Star Awards

Andrew Steptowe, Kim NordY, Doug Punzel
Andrew Steptowe
Kim Nordby
Doug Punzel

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