Media Coverage

Red Rover Explores White Pocket

Meet Amy Osness!!

Corrine and Shawn Severn recently went to White Pocket with us and put together this great video showcasing their experience, the photos they took, and the beauty of the area.  In addition, you get to meet our guide Amy Osness!

Shoutout Arizona - Meet David Swindler

Read David Swindler's interview with Shoutout Arizona where he talks about how he started Action Photo Tours and the keys behind the success of the company. He discusses his background and how it led him towards a career in photography.  He discusses the journey behind growing the business and the challenges he faced along the way along with the value of creating a recognizable brand. The value of teamwork and collaboration is also of high importance.

International Landscape Photographer of the Year - Top 101

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year is a highly acclaimed photo contest open to all genres of landscape photography.  With a comprehensive point system, they rank all submissions and the top 101 get included in their annual book.  Congrats to David Swindler, as three of his images made it into the top 101!  Click here to see the book and the winning photos!

Epson Pano Awards

View the Gold Award image by David Swindler in the 2020 Epson Pano Awards!  He also received silver and bronze recognition for several other images.  With an international focus, this is one of the most prestigious photo contests of the year with many amazing entries!

Understand Photography: Shooting Wildlife With a Landscape Focus

David Swindler was a guest on the Understand Photography Podcast/Videocast.  When photographing wildlife, he really like to show the animal in the context of its surrounding environment. This technique tells a much more powerful story and helps the viewer understand where the animal lives, how it behaves, and how their presence complements the beautiful landscape. Join David to learn the tips and tricks for photographing wildlife with a landscape focus along with many of his favorite wildlife photography suggestions.


French Nightly News Feature


Congrats to our guide Kathleen Gardner!! She was recently featured on the nightly news in France with an estimated 10 million viewers representing Action Photo Tours. The news crew was documenting the effects of COVID-19 on rural and travel-based business in the Southwest.


Interview with Iceland Photo Tours


If you can change your perception, then you can change the world. For American landscape photographer, David Swindler, picking up a camera has allowed him to see the world in many different ways.


My White Pocket Adventure


Brad Spiess writes an informative article on his blog about his overnight photography adventure to White Pocket.


Outdoor Photographer Nature's Colors


This aerial abstract image was selected as a contest finalist! Click the link to view all finalists and the winners.


Outdoor Photographer Nature's Colors


One of our images was selected as a finalist for Outdoor Photographer's Nature's Colors Photo Contest.  The image was used to promote the next year's competition!


VoyagePhoenix Interview


David does an interview for VoyagePhoenix, a website that showcases local small businesses and artists. Click to read the interview.


Interview for F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast


Matt Payne interviews David for episode 31 of his podcast. They cover many topics including using failure as a teacher, finding a good composition, and impactful moments in landscape photography. Click to listen to the entire audio.


2017 National Geographic Nature Photography Contest


One of David's Southern Utah images was selected by the DailyMail as one of the best images entered into the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photography Competition.  Click to read the full article.


Photography Masterclass - Slot Canyons


In this article, David Swindler gives his favorite tips for shooting stunning images in slot canyons. David discusses the logistics behind visiting slots canyons, what kind of camera gear you need, and many tips for compositions.  Click on the photo or link above for the full article.


Daily Mail - Utah's Stunning Landscapes


This fun article by the Daily Mail features David's photos from Southern Utah. Most of the photos include people to help connect the viewers to the incredible landscape. Click on the photo or link above the full article. .


Etched Magazine - Exploring the Paria River Canyon


Come see the stunning scenery tucked away under the towering canyon walls of the Paria River Canyon. This article showcases a 3-day journey through this remarkable part of the Arizona Strip. Click on the photo or link above the full article.


View-On Magazine: David Swindler & Action Photo Tours


This informative article discusses David Swindler's background, his love for photography, and how he came to start his company Action Photo Tours. click on the photo or link above for the full article.


View-On Magazine: The Mystery of White Pocket


Read this informative article on White Pocket and what makes this area so unique.  David Swindler's images were used for the article to highlight some of the bizarre features the area is known for.



Peekaboo Slot Canyon News Clip


This clip aired on the largest news station in France and shows a photo tour through one of the slot canyons near Kanab. Several tour participants were interviewed and a lot of beautiful footage was captured. Click on the photo or link above for the full footage, in French.


Tamrac Q&A with David Swindler


Tamrac, a manufacturer of quality photo accessories and gear, featured David on their blog. Learn what the top 3 things he has learned in becoming a photographer. Click on the photo or link above the full article.


At Your Leisure Video Clip


The show At Your Leisure produced a short clip about Action Photo Tours. See first hand the terrain David and the guides drive through during their photo tours. The clip contains many interview segments with David. Click on the photo or link above for the full video.


Daily Mail - Polar Bears Chasing Our Boat!


Watch this entertaining video clip as some curious young polar bears swim after our boat during a photo tour. We kept moving away but they would only swim faster! Click on the photo or link above for the full video.


Daily Mail - The Amazing Polar Bears of Alaska


This article is full of David's impressive polar bear photos from Alaska's North Coast. See the bears playing, dancing, standing tall, chasing food, or just relaxing. It's great to see how personable these bears can be. Click on the photo or link above for the full article.


Article Mott - David Swindler's Landscape Photography


Produced by Article Mott, this piece features many of David's landscape photographs. Learn more as he tells the story behind his captures. The article is in spanish, but can be easily translated. Click on the photo or link above for the full article.


Phototips - 8 Essential Tips for Bear Photography


Join photographer David Swindler as he expounds on his 8 most important tips for photographing bears, his favorite wildlife subject. He has lots of experience photographing both polar bears and brown bears in Alaska. Click on the photo or link above for the full article.


Liz Adair Blog - All About David Swindler


Liz Adair is an award-winning fiction writer best known for her work about life in the desert. In this piece, she interviews David about his inspirations and photography. Click on the photo or link above the full article.


British Telecommunications - Bighorn Sheep Car Wash


This entertaining video clip shows bighorn sheep giving dirty cars a tongue-licking wash! And David was there to document it all!! Click on the photo or link above for the full video.