Bryce Canyon Photo Tour

8 Hour Sunrise Tour - $299 per Person

Quick Summary

Bryce Canyon is an incredible destination to photograph. Let us take you to the best spots as we chase the light. Bryce Tours can be tailored to any fitness level and the rating for physical intensity can be Easy or Moderate.  Bryce is best at sunrise which is why we recommend that for tours.  However, if only sunset works for you, that can be arranged. Night photography tours can also be arranged upon request.

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  • Bryce Canyon is an incredible destination to photograph. Let us take you to the best spots as we chase the light.
  • Large, colorful hoodoos and crumbling sandstone walls are densely packed throughout the canyon. Viewpoints from the rim afford gigantic views into the valley below. Hiking down into the hoodoos offers a fresh perspective and opens the palette of photographic possibility.
  • How much hiking we do depends entirely on the group and their photography goals.
  • Small group size capped at 5 people to ensure personalized instruction and individualized attention.
  • We go early in the morning to be there before sunrise. Not only is the light sublime, but the park isn't crowded either. Contact Us if you would prefer a sunset or night tour.

Trip Details

  • Tour Length:  8 hours
  • Drive Time:  Around 90 mins each way.
  • Time Spent on Location:  Approx 5 hrs
  • Tour Departure Time: Departure times vary throughout the year. Please refer to the time listed on your booking.  Plan to arrive 10 mins early to load your gear and finish the check-in process.  The return time is approximately 8 hours after the departure time. Note that we operate on Utah time which is one hour ahead of Las Vegas.  During the months of Daylight Savings (approx mid-March through early Nov), Utah is also one hour ahead of Arizona.
  • Minimum Group Size:  Our tours require a minimum of 2 people for the base price. After you book, we will try to combine single travelers with others. In the event the minimum is not met, you will have the option to pay the 2-person rate and go on a private tour, reschedule to a different date, or cancel and get a full refund.
  • Tour Meetup Location: You will meet at our office in Kanab, UT. The address will be given in your confirmation email. This is a safe place to park your vehicle and you can leave any valuables inside. Once you arrive, you'll load your gear and sign a liability release waiver. Las Vegas is the closest major airport to Kanab. There is no public transportation to Kanab, so you’ll need your own rental car or private vehicle. We recommend that you stay in a hotel in Kanab the evening of your tour. There are many good hotels in the area like the Best Western, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn & Suites, and the Canyons Botique.
  • Permits:  We hold commercial use permits for Bryce Canyon National Park.
Bryce Canyon Photo Tour
Bryce Canyon Photo Tour

Trip Details


  • Tour Meetup in Bryce Canyon City: We often get requests to pick-up folks in Bryce Canyon City just outside the National Park. If you want us to pick you up here, PLEASE CONTACT US AHEAD OF TIME TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS. Note that the tour time will be shorter since we won’t have the 90min drive time to/from Kanab.
  • Weather Conditions: Bryce Canyon National Park can be impressive in many different conditions.  Since this is a high elevation location (8000-9000ft), it can be very cold and sometimes windy here in the morning.  Make sure you dress appropriately.   Winter snow, fog, monsoon storms, rainbows, and the like often accompany inclement weather. Since the roads are paved, we won’t have any access issues unless there is really deep snow.  Do note that there are certain areas of the park that are closed off during the winter months.  We cannot offer refunds due to weather unless we cannot go out at all. Don’t despise inclement weather as that is often when you get the most dramatic photos!  Just make sure you dress and prepare adequately.
  • Hiking / Fitness: Bryce trips can be tailored to the fitness levels of the group. If you don’t want to do much hiking, then we can primarily do a driving tour with only short walks.  However, we highly recommend you hike down into the canyon to get a new perspective.
  • Trip Itinerary: The exact tour itinerary is flexible based on current conditions, fitness levels of the group, and what the group is interested in. We will go to different spots depending on the time of year. We’ll make sure you get the best images possible!

Trip Details

  • Night Photography: Bryce Canyon boasts some of the darkest skies in the country and is fantastic for night photos!  Contact Us to inquire about night photography opportunities in Bryce.
  • Food/Water: We do not provide food on our outings.  All participants should bring food/water to hold them until lunch. Many folks will eat their breakfast during the drive from Kanab.  We will have a cooler where you can store food and drink.
  • What to Wear: You should check the weather forecast prior to coming on the trip.  It’s best to assume that Bryce will be colder than expected.  Make sure you bring some warm layers, long pants, hat, and gloves.  Don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen.  If rain or snow is in the forecast, bring a rain jacket.  We recommend wearing sturdy footwear in Bryce Canyon National Park due to the possible presence of loose terrain, snow, and ice.  For winter hiking, we recommend gaitors and micro-traction devices.
  • Cell Phones: Bring your cell phone along! They are great for capturing candid images. Plus, most folks will have cell service in the park. There are USB ports in our vehicles so bring a charging cable if you need one.
  • Group Size: Our groups will never exceed 5 people per guide.  We like to keep our photo tours small so we can give adequate individual attention.  For those photographers that feel more independent, we will allow you to wander away from the group and explore on your own within reasonable limits.
  • Safety: Our guides are trained in CPR/First-Aid. All 4WD vehicles are equipped with extraction equipment and a first-aid kit. We carry a satellite beacon with us in case of emergencies outside of cell range.
  • Instructors:  Due to scheduling complexities, we don't know which instructor will accompany your group until a day or two prior.  If you want a specific instructor, then please Contact Us to make your request. Although we'll do our best to make it happen, please note there are no guarantees.

Bryce Canyon Photo Tour

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Bryce Canyon Photo Tour

Camera Gear

  • Camera Gear: You can make use of just about any lens in Bryce. A wide angle zoom lens is useful from the rim and down in the canyon (equivalent 16-35 on a full-frame camera or 10-22mm on a crop sensor).  A mid-range lens in the range of 30-100mm will provide nice scale and compression.  Telephoto lenses will be useful for isolating small sections of hoodoos and  for any wildlife opportunities we encounter.  Bring as many lenses as you like - just ensure your pack isn’t too heavy if we’re going to be doing significant hiking.  All participants should bring a tripod. For filters, a circular polarizer can come in handy when there are clouds in the sky (it’s best to avoid polarizers on cloudless days).  A neutral density filter can be nice to create long exposures for fast moving clouds. Don’t forget extra batteries, memory cards, and cleaning supplies.   Please contact us if you’d like to rent any camera gear for your outing.
  • Cancellation/Re-Scheduling: Please see our Terms and Conditions.