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Paria River Canyon

The Paria River Canyon is one of the best hikes in the American Southwest. Over millions of years, the river has carved a deep chasm through the Navajo sandstone. The towering canyon walls and narrow passages are impressive to say the least. This is one of those places that are very photogenic, but it’s difficult for…

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Misty Sunrise at the Pass

Mt Rainier Wildflower Photography Part 1

During the first couple weeks of August, the slopes of Mt Rainier boast some of the most spectacular high alpine wildflower displays in the Northwest. Wildflowers begin to bloom at the lower elevations in mid-July and are great for macro photography or fog enshrouded forest shots. However, if you want the classic views of flowers…

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Polar Bear Family

Photographing Alaskan Polar Bears – Part 2

As discussed in my Previous Post, Kaktovik, Alaska is a mecca for polar bear enthusiasts. Polar bear cubs will usually stay with their mothers for 2.5 years while they learn to hunt and survive in one of the harshest climates on earth. The cubs are always so fun to watch because they are innately curious…

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King of the Tundra

Photographing Polar Bears in Alaska – Part 1

Welcome to Kaktovik, Alaska, a small Eskimo village located on the northeast shores of the Arctic Ocean. The small barrier islands around Kaktovik are a great habitat for polar bears, especially in the fall months as they wait for the sea ice to freeze solid. The waters around Kaktovik form part of ANWR, the Arctic…

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Swiss Cheese Falls

Grand Escalante – Coyote Gulch

I love visiting Grand Escalante National Monument in Southern Utah! There is so much variety from arches and interesting rock formations to slot canyons, toadstools, waterfalls, etc. The options for exploration are endless. Unlike many of the national parks in the vicinity, Escalante is much less trafficked but still just as stunning. In this article,…

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Amethyst Lake Wildflowers 2

High Uintas Backpacking – Amethyst Basin

Amethyst Basin in Utah’s High Uinta Wilderness is another popular destination for impressive mountain scenery. It’s a short 13.2 mile round-trip hike, so it can easily be done over a weekend or even as a day-hike. However, I recommend spending a night near Amethyst Lake since that will give you more time to explore and…

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Henry's Fork Lake Sunrise

High Uintas Backpacking – Henry’s Fork & Kings Peak

The Henry’s Fork and Kings Peak area of the High Uinta Wilderness is another great option for summer backpacking. Here you’ll be treated to verdant alpine valleys, sparkling lakes, and a chance to summit Utah’s highest peak! Henry’s Fork Trailhead is easy to access via a good gravel road that is suitable for passenger cars.…

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Fiery Red Castle

High Uintas Backpacking – Red Castle Lakes

With springtime in the air, now is the time to start planning summer backpacking trips! One location I would highly recommend is Utah’s High Uinta Wilderness. Located just south of the Wyoming border in Eastern Utah, this spectacular backcountry area stretches nearly 60 miles east to west and is home to Utah’s highest peak. The…

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Christmas Tree Farm Sunrise

Winter Waterfalls in Oregon

This February, I planned a trip out to the Oregon Coast. While there, a winter storm came in a couple days sooner than forecast. With the coast hemmed in by fog and snow, I decided to head inland to photograph some of Oregon’s iconic waterfalls. My deciding factor was a webcam I saw on my…

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Thor's Well at Sunset

Thor’s Well Photography

I’ve wanted to photograph Thor’s Well on the Oregon Coast for some time now. When conditions are right, this little hole in the rock can look like the drain of the Pacific Ocean! Located in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, Thor’s Well is a quick walk down from the highway. Having been a landlubber all…

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