Post-Processing Training

Lightroom and Photoshop
Post-Processing Training

DON’T let your adventures sit in your camera!!

Have you ever taken tons of amazing photos but they never make it out of digital format? We know! Photo editing is time consuming and the tricks are overwhelming. Let us help you!

"I'm new to post-processing and Action Photo Tours took their time walking me through some amazing Lightroom and Photoshop editing.  They get my highest recommendation. Thank you!"                     

- Bob, California

Post-Processing Training

Post-Processing Services

  • Lightroom and Photoshop Training:  We work on your images and teach you the best post-processing methods.  Sessions can be done remotely via Skype or in-person if in the local area.  Cost is $99/hr.  Discounts may apply when booking multiple hours.
  • Image Editing Service: Don't have the time right now to learn post-processing?  Just send us your RAW files and we will edit them to perfection.  You'll get them back as ready-to-print files!  Contact Us for a price quote.
  • Full Service Package:  We will work up your RAW files using a meticulous fine-art workflow. From there, we'll get them printed and framed according to your preferences and deliver the finished pieces right to your door.  We guarantee the best possible quality for your art!!
We strive to maintain a natural look in our editing workflow
Post-processing training Lightroom Photoshop

What Will I Learn?

  • Best methods to setup your Lightroom catalog and photo organization
  • Basic RAW editing techniques in Lightroom with our favorite tips that will save you lots of time and instantly improve your photos.
  • Fundamental Photoshop skills for landscape editing.  You'll get to learn all about how layers work and we promise it won't be scary!
  • Various methods on how to combine exposures for a high-contrast scene.  Every image is a little different, so the more tricks the know, the better the edit will be.
  • How to combine focus-stacked images for improved Depth of Field.
  • Methods for removing flare when shooting into intense light sources.
  • How to sharpen an image and the correct sequence for doing so.
  • How to perform non-destructive localized dodging and burning. This is where you really get to become the artist!
  • Learn what luminosity masks are and how they can be employed for a variety of creative purposes.
  • Clean up unwanted artifacts in your shots and remove distracting elements.
  • Techniques for creating complicated selections in Photoshop.
  • There are many advanced techniques we can teach you, with things like applying Orton Effects and glow, perspective blending, night photo editing, stacking Milky Way shots for noise reduction, etc.
Post-processing training Photoshop Lightroom

Night Photo Editing

  • Night photos are some of the most difficult images to post-process.  Let us show you our best tips and tricks to really make your Milky Way and Star Trail shots pop!
  • Learn the basic RAW adjustments needed on night photos.  There are some sliders in Lightroom you need to be really careful of!
  • How to align and stack sky images for noise reduction and how to deal with problems like increased vignetting and contrast loss.
  • Various techniques for selecting the sky independent from the landscape for combining with lower ISO foreground shots.
  • Create night panoramic images and how to incorporate lower ISO foregrounds and stacked sky shots.
  • Learn how to blend natural light shots convincingly with the starry night sky.
  • Much much more!!
Photoshop and Lightroom Training Night Photo Editing

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