Using Blend Modes to Enhance Your Landscape Photography

Blend modes are one of the most confusing aspects of Photoshop. First off, there’s twenty-seven of them. Further adding to the confusion, many of them have similar names or do similar things. As you cycle through the blend modes, it’s hard to know exactly what’s happening, and their names do little to prepare you for…

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Better than golden hour? Photographing Twilight

Photographing Blue Hour and Twilight

In the world of photography, golden hour gets all the praise. Warm side light and colorful clouds at sunset may make for dramatic photos, but don’t put your camera away when the color fades. Often, the most interesting time of day can happen after the sun has set. This period of time is called twilight…

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Power & Beauty: Photographing Brown Bears

Tips for Photographing Brown Bears Wildlife Photography

Join pro-photographer David Swindler as he shares his best tips and tricks for photographing brown bears in the wild. Watch the video below where David will talk in-depth on the following subjects: About Brown Bears Safety Bear Activities When To Go Where to Go Photo Gear Shooting Techniques Putting It All Together Join Us for…

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5 Tips for Shooting Telephoto Lenses

Five Tips for Shooting a Telephoto Lens In the Field

Learning how to use a telephoto lens is an important skill. We see a lot of mistakes people make in the field and it ends up impacting their ability to get sharp shots. In this informative video, David Swindler shares his must-know tips on how to use long telephoto lenses for outdoor photography, from landscapes…

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How to Photograph the Aurora Borealis

How to Photograph the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights

Watching the aurora borealis as it dances across the sky is both mesmerizing and spectacular. Being able to photograph it effectively requires specific skills. During this talk, David Swindler will give you the tools to capture your best aurora shots, covering topics such as forecasting, gear selection, in-field technique, and post-processing.  Watch the video below…

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Tips and Tricks for Sand Dune Photography

how to photograph sand dunes photography

The variety and uniqueness of sand dunes make them one of my favorite landscape subjects to photograph. Several vital elements help images of dunes to resonate with viewers: light, color harmony, and composition. Each of these concepts individually increases the chances of success, but combining all three elements is the best way to create impactful…

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Kanab Utah – A Photographer’s Dream!

Milky Way Over the Grand Canyon Toroweep

I grew up in the Midwest – Iowa to be exact.  I learned to enjoy the outdoors from a young age and my favorite childhood experiences were those memorable family vacations out to the Western US.  I fell in love with the mountains, deserts, and wild landscapes. One summer evening when I was 10-years old,…

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