Power & Beauty: Photographing Brown Bears

Tips for Photographing Brown Bears Wildlife Photography

Join pro-photographer David Swindler as he shares his best tips and tricks for photographing brown bears in the wild. Watch the video below where David will talk in-depth on the following subjects: About Brown Bears Safety Bear Activities When To Go Where to Go Photo Gear Shooting Techniques Putting It All Together Join Us for…

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5 Tips for Shooting Telephoto Lenses

Five Tips for Shooting a Telephoto Lens In the Field

Learning how to use a telephoto lens is an important skill. We see a lot of mistakes people make in the field and it ends up impacting their ability to get sharp shots. In this informative video, David Swindler shares his must-know tips on how to use long telephoto lenses for outdoor photography, from landscapes…

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How to Photograph the Aurora Borealis

How to Photograph the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights

Watching the aurora borealis as it dances across the sky is both mesmerizing and spectacular. Being able to photograph it effectively requires specific skills. During this talk, David Swindler will give you the tools to capture your best aurora shots, covering topics such as forecasting, gear selection, in-field technique, and post-processing.  Watch the video below…

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Kanab Utah – A Photographer’s Dream!

Milky Way Over the Grand Canyon Toroweep

I grew up in the Midwest – Iowa to be exact.  I learned to enjoy the outdoors from a young age and my favorite childhood experiences were those memorable family vacations out to the Western US.  I fell in love with the mountains, deserts, and wild landscapes. One summer evening when I was 10-years old,…

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The Wave: Maximizing Your Chances to Win Permits

The Wave in Arizona - Action Photo Tours & Workshops

Winning a permit to the iconic Wave is not easy but it’s well worth the effort to get out there.  It’s one of our favorite places to photograph in the Southwest and certainly qualifies as a bucket list experience! According to data obtained from the Bureau of Land Management, 200,589 people applied for wave permits…

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Back Button Focus

Back Button Focus

One of the best methods for gaining more control over your auto-focus system is to use back-button focus. This technique has numerous applications both for landscape, wildlife, and action photographers. In this episode, Juan and David discuss why they recommend using back-button focus and cover a variety of real-world scenarios where it comes in handy.…

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Understanding Auto-Focus

Understanding Auto Focus Images in Focus Show Auto-Focus

Have you ever been frustrated by auto-focus that wasn’t sharp? Are you confused by all the auto-focus options your camera has? In this episode of Images in Focus, Juan and David break down in simple terms how the auto-focus system works on your camera and how to achieve the best results. We discuss technology such…

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Creating Landscape Photos With Impact

Creating Landscape Photos With Impact Images In Focus

Anyone who has picked up a camera knows that it can be challenging to take landscape photos that have that “wow” factor. Creating images that resonate with your viewer requires knowledge, timing, patience, and lots of practice. In this episode, we discuss 10 techniques for improving your landscape photography – techniques that will help you…

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Camera Settings for Wildlife Photography

Camera Setting for Wildlife Photography

As workshop instructors, we often get asked what are the correct camera settings for wildlife photography. Indeed, nailing the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO is absolutely essential for successful wildlife photography. The settings you use will depend on many factors, such as the type of animal you are shooting, the available light, the background, the…

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Mirrorless vs DSLR Cameras

Why Mirrorless Camera

Are you thinking about changing over to a mirrorless camera? Do you know what the main differences are between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera? In this informative video, pro photographers Juan Pons and David Swindler discuss the main advantages of mirrorless, highlight many of the myths, and identify some of the challenges. With this…

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