Physical Intensity

One thing I love about slot canyons is that the light is always changing, depending on the time of year and time of day you visit. And in photography, it really is all about the light!  On this hike, we were mesmerized for hours by the undulating swirls and textures of the sandstone slot. When we rounded a bend a saw this one small beam of light entering the canyon, I hurried and setup my gear and captured Evelyn before the light disappeared.  This is a single exposure image taken from a tripod.  I used ISO 800 to get a short enough shutter speed to render Evelyn sharp.
  • The difficulty ratings below are just a guide to help you choose the correct tour as per your abilities.
  • Photo tours may require long hours with limited time to sleep, eat, and rest. Depending on location, lodging and dining options may be limited.
  • We may be up early in the morning and/or out late at night.
  • No matter the difficulty rating of the trip, do not expect a leisurely vacation.
  • Some amount of walking will be required to reach our photo destinations and a faster pace may be necessary to capture optimal conditions.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to choose a tour that is compatible with your individual fitness and mobility. If in doubt, please Contact Us.
Easy Physical Intensity


  • Short walks from a motorized vehicle of less than half a mile.
  • Daily cumulative walking will be 1 mile or less.
  • Terrain is mostly smooth with few obstacles.
  • Depending on location, we could be at higher altitude where the air is thinner.
  • The walking may have mild ups and downs with occasional steps.
  • All participants must have reasonable balance and mobility while carrying photo gear.
Moderate Physical Intensity


  • Walks of no more than 1-2 miles from a motorized vehicle.
  • Daily cumulative walking of no more than 2-3 miles.
  • Terrain may be uneven with occasional obstacles to navigate.
  • Loose sand, rocks, and or mud may be present.
  • There may be some short, steep sections but overall, the grade will be moderate.
  • Hot or cold temperatures along with high altitude can increase the perceived difficulty of the trip.
Difficult Physical Intensity


  • Longer hikes in the range of 3-8 miles in length.
  • Terrain can be rough with significant obstacles. You may encounter loose sand, rocks, and uneven footing.
  • All participants must be in good physical shape with no mobility or balance issues - especially when carrying photo gear.
  • The grade can be steep and sustained. If the tour location is at higher altitude, it will feel more difficult.
  • We may be out and away from the vehicles for a large portion of the day.
Challenging Physical Intensity


  • Very long hikes of 8+ miles.
  • Terrain can be rough with significant obstacles. You may encounter loose sand, rocks, and uneven footing.
  • All participants must be in excellent physical shape with no mobility or balance issues.
  • If being done as an overnight backpacking trip, you must be capable of carrying your photo gear along with your overnight gear and food.
  • The terrain may have a significant, sustained grade. Sections of the hike can be steep and loose.