Kevin and Cody's Southwest Shootout

May 4 - May 9 2018, 6 Participants

White Pocket Overnight Photo Workshop


  • Learn many new photographic and post-processing techniques from pro photographers Kevin McNeal and Cody Wilson.
  • Six full days of chasing light, stars and sunbeams.
  • Photograph Zion, Bryce Canyon, or Grand Canyon National Parks before the summer heat.  These days will be kept flexible so we can chase the best weather.
  • Post-processing sessions and image critique will be given throughout the workshop.
  • Trip concludes at one of the best restaurants in Kanab to celebrate this novel experience and the new friends we've made.


The itinerary is being kept flexible to account for weather and current conditions. Expert forecasting, group consensus and weather will dictate our final itineray.

  • Day 1 (May 4):  Meet at 2PM at the Best Western in Kanab for a mandatory introductory session.  We'll go over logistics and make plans for our upcoming days together. Sunset shooting at unique toadstool hoodoos rarely seen by most photographers.  The area spills into an expanse overlooking dramatic cliffs and rock formations.  Drones will be permitted at this location!.
  • Day 2 (May 5):  Morning shoot at our favorite view of the Grand Canyon (kept secret online). The views of the Colorado River are sublime as it winds through the deep, narrow canyon walls. Throw in a few clouds and dramatic light and you have the makings for epic photography! Lunch and an afternoon shoot in a slot canyon will round out the first full day.
  • Day 3 (May 6):  We will head into the Vermillion Cliffs for a long day and night of photographing White Pocket and its surrounding areas.  After sunset, we will stay out to photograph Milky Way until moonrise at 12:45AM.
  • Day 4 (May 7): After catching up on a little sleep from night shooting, we start off with an intensive post-processing session mid-morning.  In the afternoon, we either venture into a part of the Grand Staircase with impressive arches and rock formations or explore a slot canyon.  With clear skies in the evening, we head over to the Glen Canyon for sunset and star shooting at Alstrom Point.  With impressive views overlooking Lake Powell, this is one of our favorite locations to take clients!
  • Day 5 (May 8):  After shooting until 1 or 2 in the morning, we'll sleep in and reconvene after lunch to head down to Zion National Park and photograph a few of our favorite sunset spots where we're pretty much guaranteed not to see anyone else!
  • Day 6 (May 9): We head up to Bryce Canyon early in the morning to catch some cloud color and great light.  We'll Return to Kanab for lunch.  We'll have an afternoon post-processing session and then reconvene for our final group dinner before saying our goodbyes.
  • Workshop Extension:  If anyone is interested in extending the workshop by 1 or 2 days, please let us know and we can put together some great ideas for you!
Images from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park
Buckskin Gulch Light



Please arrive in Kanab, UT prior to 2PM on Friday, May 4 for the orientation session at the Best Western Hotel. We didn’t include hotel stays on this trip to allow you the flexibility of a lodging option of your choice.  If you book with the Best Western, you will get a 10% discount by mentioning our workshop. You will need lodging for the nights of May 4 - May 9.  We will finish the workshop around 7PM on May 9th.  It's up to you if you want to stay in Kanab that night or head somewhere else.

All participants on this trip should be in reasonably good physical condition.  Although we aren't planning any long hikes on this trip, the uneven terrain, sand, and heat can make short hikes seem much harder.  You should be comfortable walking around 2-4 miles per day.

See the gear list further down for specific recommendations.  No matter what the weather does, we’ll get awesome photos. If it’s exceptionally wet, some of the dirt roads may be impassable. We'll modify the itinerary accordingly should that be the case. Transportation will be provided in 4WD trucks so we can handle most conditions.  The only time we haven't been able to get to White Pocket was in the winter when there was over a foot of snow on the road.


$1,500/person + Tax


Trip Includes:

  • 6-Day Intensive Photo Workshop with 6 participants and 2 professional photographers.
  • All ground transportation and photography guiding during the trip.
  • Post-processing and image critique
  • Group dinner on our final day in Kanab.  Please note alcoholic beverages are not included.


Trip Does NOT Include:

  • Transportation to/from your home to Kanab, UT.
  • Hotel Accommodations.
  • Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Meals and snacks with exception of the final group dinner and the White Pocket Overnight portion.


When you complete the checkout process, you will be given the option to either pay the full amount or put down a 25% deposit.  If you pay the deposit, the remaining amount will be charged 60-days prior to the trip to the credit card we have on file.

White Pocket Overnight Photo Workshop
Grand Canyon Photo Tour

Recommended Camera Gear

  • Sturdy tripod and ballhead
  • Digital SLR or Mirrorless Camera Body.
  • Wide Angle Lens. Frame frame - aim for 16-35mm range or wider. Crop sensor, 10-22mm.
  • Mid-range zoom lens in the range of 24-100mm.
  • Telephoto lenses may come in handy in Zion and the Grand Canyon.
  • Circular polarizer filters are useful.  Bring any ND filters if you have them.
  • Extra batteries, memory cards, and cleaning supplies.
  • Remote cord for your camera.
  • Lightning trigger if you wish to capture daytime lightning.
  • Laptop if you wish to backup your photos or follow along during the post-processing instruction.
  • We may be able to rent you gear if you don't have everything you need.

Personal Gear List

  • Sturdy hiking footwear, hiking socks, and long pants (keeps sand out of your shoes).
  • Short and shoes you don't mind getting wet in case we go to a slot canyon.
  • Hiking poles or stick if you have balance issues.
  • A rain jacket and one warm layer since it can get cold at night.
  • Headlamp for night photography.
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Sun Hat
  • Water bottle or hydration bladder

Kevin McNeal


Kevin McNeal is a Washington St. photographer focusing on grand colorful landscapes that reflect the most unique places on earth. Capturing moments of magic light and transferring this on print, images behold a combination of perseverance, patience, and dedication to capture the images in ways unseen before. The stories of how these images are rendered come across in the feelings the images convey. Traveling all over North America with his wife by his side, shooting diverse landscapes and finding remote places to bring the message to the public that this Earth is worth saving. His award winning images can be seen in galleries and showings across the United States, and was recently selected to the Art Wolfe Art Gallery for the Environmental Photography Invitational. As well Kevin was the grand winner of the Landscape category for the Natures Best Magazine and was selected for the Smithsonian National Museum of History in Washington D.C..

Artist’s Statement

“ I believe that the Earth shares secrets with us that only can be discovered by trying to understand our position on this planet. We are never fully intimate with the planet but are given brief moments that make our souls want more. These glimpses of nature’s power are fleeting and never the same twice. I also believe it is important to share with those who want it. The treasures that await us given the patience that is out there. What I try to do is bring some of that magic to my images to share with the rest of the world. Each of my images tells a story that everyone can relate to in some way whether is was success, fear, or challenging oneself to overcome obstacles

Kevin's portfolio can be found at

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.23.30 AM

Cody Wilson


Cody is a published photographer, travel author and guide for multiple workshop companies.  His love for photography has taken him on journeys across the world and now to Kanab, Utah to lead and teach others how to get the best possible photographs in the South West.  Cody shares a love for the artistic side of photography and isn't afraid to spend hours  post-processing to achieve a desired final result.

Cody actively contributes to various photographic communities, makes videos and interacts with anyone willing to inquire on Instagram. While not photographing, Cody is usually programming or practicing yoga.

Cody's portfolio can be found at


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